Word Press is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) that forms the back-end of websites. This is the space that requires an admin login (username and password) where you can access all the content entered into the site. Just like the visual design that you see on the front-end of the site, the backend can be customized as well. Word Press has features that include a plug-in architecture and template system. You may hear us say that no two Word Press websites are developed the same, they are all individual to your requirements.

WordPress is choice of many developers having a large support network that works to continually improve and enhance the platform. That means new features security updates for your website, at iSiteMedia we look at what your requirements are, and develop accordingly.

As with all Content Management System (CMS) Word Press requires to be kept up todate as with the added extended features ( plugins ) and we recommend higher security some of the excellent web firewalls to protect the site.

Stay Up-to-Date
Plugin development is constantly changing with each new Word Press release. Keep up with the latest changes