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A Self Managed Email Marketing Campaign App from as little as $0.60 per day!
eXpress Email Marketer is an email marketing cloud app that creates business email lists and sends email newsletter campaigns, creating loyal customers and ultimately bringing users back to your website.

Compare the cost of sending only 2000 flyers to your customers
a4 double sided pre DL folded 120gsm
Professional Design of flyer estimated $500.00
Printing estimated $500.00
mailing list estimated $200.00
Mailing estimated $1.320.00
cost per flyer sent = approx $1.21
 eXpressEmailMarketer cost to send 10,000 $55.00  =$0.0055 each 1/2 a cent per email

Is this campaign measurable? NO as you do not know it the flyer was opened or just placed in the bin!!. 

With eXpress Email Marketer you have stats at your fingertips.